Passwords of Downloaded files

A password is required to open each file but the password is the same as the file name. Each file is named using an abbreviation of the magazine name followed by the year in which it was published. This is what is used as the password. All issues of a magazine for a particular year will have the same password. Here is a list of the passwords for the preceding page.

Aeromodeller - AERO1954
Air Trails (American Modeler) - AT1962
Flying Aces - FA1939
Flying Models - FM1976
Model Airplane News - MAN1976
Model Aviation - MA1976
Model Builder - MB1976
Model Craftsman - MC1937
Popular Aviation - PA1937
RC Modeler - RCM1976

These passwords will be the same for all issues published in the same year. Passwords ARE case sensitive so that, for example, at1962 will not work, but AT1962 will work for the Air Trails (American Modeler) 1962 issues.

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Passwords of Downloaded files

The plans shown in each issue can be downloaded by RCMW subscribers at no charge as full size printable PDF files - In order to receive the plans you need to login as an active subscriber - If you go the the page on which the plan appears and click on the link at the bottom of the page, a full size PDF file of the plan will download to your computer - Have your local "copy shop" print it at 100%.

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