George White's collection - 850+ useful articles

This collection of over 850 articles on a broad range of free flight topics was originally on the Pensacola Free Flight Team (PFFT) website and is primarily the work of George White - The articles are collected from many newsletters.  It is used with the permission of George White.  Many came from the newsletters of the Magnificent Mountain Men Club of Colorado (MMM), the Pensacola Free Flight Team (PFFT) of Florida, the Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta (ETP), the Flying Aces Club (FAC), and the NFFS Digest and Symposium (NFFS). For other great ideas see the Free Flight Club Newsletters.

Most of the files are PDF files so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download that here Follow the directions for the installation.

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.020 TD Tank Fix, PFFT: 5-6/08
1/2A Erratic Running 9/13
1/2A Texaco Glow Plugs, PFFT: 5-6/06
1/2A and 1/4A Tuning Tips, PFFT: 7-8/00
1/2A Tuning Tip #27, PFFT: 5-6/06
1/2A Texaco Tinkering, PFFT: 5-6/04
ABC Engines, ABCs Of, PFFT: 2/06
Aerodynamics History, PFFT
Air Brushing by Schlosberg, PFFT: 11-12/04
Air Brushing by Schlosberg, Part 2, PFFT: 11-12/08
Airbrush Markings, PFFT: 1-2/03
Airbrush, Mouth-operated 7/13
Aircraft Structure Design, MMM
Airfoil, Davis, calculating, PFFT: 9-10/05
Airfoil, Henn's Favorite 5/13
Airfoil, Symmetrical, Defense of, PFFT: 9-10/05
Airfoils, Symmetrical, PFFT
Airfoil Thickness, Where Max?, PFFT: 3/4/06
Airfoils with Conic Camber by John Barker, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Alkaline Battery Comparison, PFFT: 9-10/02
All American Rubber Model, PFFT: 2/06
Aluminum Tube Bending, PFFT: 3-4/07
Aluminum Tube Bending, More, PFFT: 9-10/10
Ambroid Glue, History 5/13
Ambroid, Green, PFFT: 9-10/05
Ambroid Wisdom, PFFT: 7-8/09
Artists Chalk, Paint Matching, PFFT: 5-6/06
Axle Mounting, PFFT: 3-4/10


Balancing Device for Model, PFFT: 3-4/02
Balancing Weights, Attaching, PFFT: 1-2/03
Ballast Clay, FAC News: 7-14
Balsa Dowels, PFFT: 1-2/12
Balsa Foam, PFFT
Balsa Grain Chart, PFFT: 5-6/02
Balsa Outline Laminating 5/13
Balsa Shaping, PFFT: 3/4/06
Balsa Story, PFFT: 11-12/08
Balsa Strip Bending, PFFT: 3-4/08
Balsa Sheets, Tip for Thinning, PFFT: 5-6/03
Balsa Weight Chart, PFFT: 11-12/04
Balsa Weight, Tips on Selecting, PFFT: 1-2/03
Balsa, Wind Checked, PFFT: 7-8/07
Bamboo Tips for Old Timers, PFFT: 3-4/03
Bamboo, Bending, Etc, PFFT: 5-6/07
Bamboo Uses 1/13
Bandsaw, Making Clean Cuts, PFFT: 5-6/03
Basswood, Bending and Laminating, PFFT: 11-12/05
Basswood by Tom Arnold, PFFT: 7-8/04
Basswood For Models, PFFT: 11-12/10
Battery Tester, More, PFFT: 7-8/07
Bent Wood Parts, PFFT: 5-6/10
Bent Wood, Hot, by Dave Rees PFFT
Bending Balsa and Bamboo, PFFT: 1-2/05
Biplane Decalage, PFFT
Biplane Incidence Jig, PFFT: 3-4/10
Biplane Setup, Airflow: 1/90
Biplane Wing Attachment, Tailspin: 1/14
Biplane Wing Setting Jig, PFFT: 5-6/09
Blast Tube, Latching, PFFT: 11-12/12
Blast Tubing Source, PFFT: 3/4/06
Blast Tubing, Clear Plastic, PFFT: 7-8/1-
Blast Tubes, Custom, PFFT: 1-2/12
Blast Tubes, Indestructable 5/13
Blue Foam, A Better Kind, PFFT: 9-10/04
Boxes, Lightweight, PFFT: 11-12/10
Box Fuselages, Making Straight, PFFT
Box Fuselages, The Case Against, PFFT: 5-6/12
Braiding, Lost Turns From, PFFT: 7-8/06
Brown Jr. Engines, Running, PFFT: 9-10/06
Bubble Machines, PFFT: 1-2/06
Budd-Kicker, NFFS:10/97
Building Board, Bringing Order, PFFT: 7-8/04
Building Board, Different Kind, PFFT: 11-12/08
Building Hints, PFFT:1/09
Building Light, PFFT: 2011
Building Tips, PFFT: 7-8/09
Building Tips from Bakay, PFFT: 9-10/10
Bulkheads, Dinner Plate, PFFT: 7-8/02
Button Timer DT Setup, MMM


CA Applicator, Tiny, PFFT: 11-12/10
CA Bottles, Unclogging, PFFT: 7-8/12
CA Bottles, Unplugged, PFFT: 9-10/12
CA Glue, How to Use, PFFT
CA Glue, More On, PFFT: 5-6/06
CA Glue Tips, PFFT: 7-8/10
CA Glue, Use & Preservation, PFFT: 7-8/04
CA Glue, Why Use It, PFFT: 2/06
Camel, Revolutionary, PFFT: 1-2/10
Camouflage Painting, PFFT: 9-10/10
Cane Reed For Model Building, PFFT: 11-12/08
Condenser Paper Adhesive, PFFT: 2011
Condenser Paper Dyeing, PFFT: 9-10/12
Canopy Frames from Tissue, PFFT
Canopy Framing, PFFT: 5-6/09
Canopy Framing, More, PFFT: 7-8/10
Canopy Framing, Chris Parent Method, PFFT: 7-8/12
Canopies, Making, PFFT: 3/4/06
Canopies, Marking and Fitting, PFFT: 11-12/04
Canopy Molding Simplified, PFFT: 1/07
Canopy, Plunge Molding, PFFT: 5-6/07
Canopy Tips, PFFT: 1-2/10
Capacitor for Electric FF, PFFT: 3-4/07
Carbon Fiber Adhesion, PFFT: 11-12/08
Carbon Fiber Uses, PFFT: 11-12/09
Carbon Fiber For Scale Models, PFFT: 1-2/10
Carving Blade, Easy to Find, PFFT
Cat Glider Launching Stick, PFFT: 1-2/02
Cat Glider Primer, PFFT: 1-2/12
Cat Glider Stick, PFFT: 5-6/08
Cat Glider Max Handle, PFFT: 9-10/09
Catapult Glider Launching Theories - Paper,by Kurt Krempetz, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Catapult Glider Launching Theories - Spreadsheet,by Kurt Krempetz, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Cat Glider Trimming, More 5/13
Cement Dispensing Bottles, PFFT: 5-6/07
Center of Gravity (CG) Calculation, Optimum, MMM
Centering a hole in a dowell/tube , PFFT:3-4/07
CG, Calculating Optimum, PFFT: 7-8/04
CG, Determination, PFFT: 9-10/12
CG, Keeping Forward 3/13
CG, Setting By Sroll, PFFT: 1-2/09
Check List for Newbies, PFFT: 3-4/09
Circle Cutter, PFFT: 11-12/12
Clamps from Bobby Pins 3/13
Clamps from Clothes Pins, PFFT
Clamps From the Hair Salon, PFFT: 9-10/12
Cleaning up Tissue Edges 3/13
Cloud Tramp Building Tip, PFFT: 7-8/06
Cockpit Coaming, PFFT: 5-6/07
Cockpit Coaming Tip 1/13
Cockpit Instruments, PFFT
Color Trim, Burton's Secrets, PFFT: 9-10/02
Color Trim Secrets More, PFFT: 11-12/02
Colored Tissue, Making, NFFS 1/12
Comet Dimers, PFFT: 1-2/10
Control Surface Outlines, PFFT: 9-10/10
Covering Compound Curves, PFFT: 1-2/09
Covering Support Frame (Wing and Stab), ETP
Covering Material Weights, PFFT: 1-2/03
Covering Models With Tissue, MMM
Covering with Balsaloc Glue 7/13
Cowl Bumps, PFFT: 1-2/08
Cowl Bumps-More, PFFT: 2011
Cowl Bumps Made Simple, PFFT: 2011
Cowl Bumps, Making, PFFT
Cowl Louvers, Making, PFFT: 3-4/12
Cox .020, Fine Tuning, PFFT
Cox Engines and Castor Oil, PFFT: 3-4/10
Cox Needle Valve Extensions, PFFT: 11-12/02
Cracked Rib Mods by Isermann, PFFT: 2011
Cracked Sheet Balsa Repair, PFFT: 9-10/02
Craft Shop Acrylics for Painting, PFFT: 11-12/05
Craft Shop Paint 1/13
Craft Sticks for Jigs, PFFT: 7/8/05
Crocket Hook, Won't Turn Sideways, PFFT: 3-4/05
Cockett Hooks, Soft, FAC: 11/13
Cylinder Removal Tool, PFFT


Decalage, Calculating, PFFT: 3-4/04
Decals, Computer Generated, PFFT: 11-12/04
Decals, The Art of Applying, PFFT: 11-12/06
Decals, Poor Man's, PFFT: 5-6/08
Decal Material, New 1/13
Decimal to Fraction Conversion, PFFT: 9-10/05
Dental Bands, Strong Ones 9/13
Design Master Floral Paint, PFFT: 1-2/03
Design Principles, Old Timer, PFFT: 9-10/08
Dethermalizer Bellcrank, FAC: 1/14
Dethermalizer, Engineering, PFFT
Dethermalizer, Tube in a Tube, PFFT: 5-6/04
Dihedral Breaks, Cutting, PFFT: 9-10/10
Dihedral Joint, Covering, PFFT: 11-12/04
Dihedral Rib Jig, PFFT: 3-4/08
Dihedral, How Much is Enough?, PFFT
Directional Stability, PFFT: 2/07
Dope Brush Care, PFFT: 11-12/09
Dope, Jack Jella on, PFFT: 5-6/02
Dope, The Dope on Dope, PFFT
Dope, Why It Blushes, PFFT: 5-6/04
Dowels, Center Drilling, PFFT: 5-6/06
Drag, Notes on, PFFT: 1-2/04
Dowels, Centering a Hole In, PFFT: 5-6/07
Downthrust, Grant Discussion, PFFT: 2/07
Drag, Scale Models 11/13
DT Fuse, Alternative Method, PFFT
DT Fuse Consistency, PFFT: 9-10/09
DT Fuse Lighter, PFFT: 2011
DT Fuse Tip, PFFT: 1-2/04
DT Using Landing Gear, PFFT: 11-12/04
DT, Button Type Mounting, PFFT: 3-4/05
DT, Cat Glider, PFFT: 3-4/04
DT, Iserman Systems, PFFT
DT, Pop-off Wing for P-30, PFFT: 3-4/05
DT Setup with Button Timer, PFFT: 2011
DT, Silly Putty Timers, Again, PFFT: 5-6/05
DT, Pop up Tail, PFFT: 11-12/04
DT, Pop up Wing 7/13
DT, Pop up Wing, by Carney 11/13
DT Setup with a Button Timer, MMM
DT Timer Setup for Tow Line Gliders, MMM
Duco Glue Demise, PFFT: 5-6/09
Duke's Fuel Mixture, PFFT: 3-4/02
Duration Through Weight Saving, PFFT: 3-4/09


E-36 Electric Flying Primer, MMM
E-36 Power System Primer, PFFT: 5-6/12
Ed Lidgard Tips, PFFT: 7-8/04
Effects of Air Conditions on Model Perfomance, The by Peter King, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Electric FF Motor Controllers, PFFT: 7-8/06
Electric FF Motors, Small, PFFT: 2011
Electric Power Basics, PFFT: 5-6/03
Elliptical Wing Area,Calculating, PFFT: 5-6/06
Engine Cleaning, Easy, PFFT: 3-4/10
Engine Comments, PFFT: 3-4/03
Engine Crud, Removing, PFFT: 11-12/08
Engine, ,Crudded Cleaning Of, PFFT: 9-10/06
Engine Cylinder Plier Marks, PFFT: 5-6/10
Engine Cylinders, Making, PFFT: 3-4/12
Engine Head Removal, PFFT: 1-2/09
Engine Running , Shop Prep, PFFT: 11-12/04
Engine Start, Cold Weather, SAM: 12/13
Engine Start, One Flip, PFFT: 11-12/03
Engines, Loosening Stuck, PFFT: 11-12/10
Engines, Removing Varnish , PFFT
Engines, Unsticking, PFFT: 3-4/08
Engines, Stuck, Freeing, PFFT: 1-2/10
Engineering, Best Vs. Dirty, PFFT: 11-12/07
Enlarging 3 Views to Plan Size, PFFT: 11-12/06
Epoxy, Coloring, PFFT: 5-6/05
Epoxy Debonding, PFFT: 2011
Exacto Blades, Keeping Sharp, PFFT: 9-10/05
Exhaust Details, Scale, PFFT: 1/07
Exhaust Soot Marks, PFFT: 7-8/10


Fiberglass, Cutting, PFFT: 9-10/06
Fiberglass, Light, Cutting, PFFT: 7-8/06
Fiberglass Substitute, PFFT: 1/07
Fiberglass, Cutting Light, More, PFFT: 1/07
Fiddly-bits For Scale, PFFT
Field Charge Connections, PFFT: 5-6/10
Filets & Flashing, PFFT: 5-6/08
Fillets From Art Paper, PFFT: 9-10/09
Film Covering 5/13
Finish, Opaque on Scale Models, PFFT: 1-2/08
Finishing, Another Approach, PFFT: 11-12/09
Finish, Silver, Light Weight, PFFT: 1-2/12
Finishing Techniques by Gene Smith, PFFT: 1-2/03
Flight Trimming for Non-Purists, PFFT: 11-12/07
Flying Surfaces, Warp Free, PFFT: 11-12/07
Foam, Sanding, PFFT: 11-12/10
Foam Slicer, PFFT: 7/8/05
Foam Wheels, Making, PFFT: 1/07
Foam Wheels, Making Dowel Center, PFFT: 5-6/05
Foam, Making Things With, PFFT: 7/8/05
Fokker Sub Wings, PFFT: 1-2/06
Fokker Triplane, Megow's, PFFT: 3-4/12
Forward Fins by Tom Arnold, PFFT: 1-2/05
Framing Without Stress, FAC
Framing False Formers, Great Trick, PFFT
Freewheel Bail, by Bob McClellon, PFFT
Freewheel Drive, by Bill Duke, PFFT: 2011
Freewheel, Garami Mods, PFFT: 2011
Freewheel, by Jack Phelps, PFFT: 3-4/12
Freewheel, by McHard, PFFT: 2011
Freewheel, Simple, PFFT: 3-4/12
Freewheel, Stew Meyers', PFFT: 2011
Freewheel, Struck Ramp, PFFT: 7-8/08
Freewheel, Struck Type, More, PFFT: 1-2/10
Freewheel Concepts, More, PFFT: 3-4/08
Freewheel Device, PFFT
Freewheel Latch, Solderless 9/13
Freewheel Spinner, by Bob McClellon
Freewheel With Plastic Prop, PFFT: 5-6/09
Freewheel With Plastic Prop, More, PFFT: 5-6/08
Freewheel With Plastic Prop, Even More, PFFT: 9-10/10
Freewheel With Spinner, PFFT: 3-4/09
Freewheeling Ideas by Nason, PFFT: 9-10/06
Freewheel, Nason, More, PFFT: 9-10/12
Free Wheeling Ideas from Experts, PFFT: 1-2/04
Free Flight Resource Compendium, PFFT: 5-6/02
Free Flight Rules of Thumb, PFFT
Freewheelier Rig by Bob McLellon, PFFT: 9-10/03
Freewheel with a Wheel Collar, PFFT: 9-10/08
Freewheel, Yet Another, PFFT: 3-4/10
Fuel Filter/Plug Combination, PFFT: 2011
Fuel Pacifiers, Substitute, PFFT: 7-8/04
Fuel Proofing, PFFT: 1-2/03
Fuel, Shelf Life, PFFT: 7-8/99
Fuel Tanks, Custom, PFFT: 3-4/12
Fuselage Alignment, PFFT: 1-2/08
Fuse Lighter, Cheap, PFFT: 3-4/08
Fuse Lighter, Reliable 5/13
Fuse Lighter, Another Source 11/13
Fuse DT, Rubber Bands for, PFFT: 2011
Fuselage Formers Using Reed, PFFT: 1-2/12
Fuselage Sides, Making Identical, PFFT: 11-12/05
Fuselage Squaring Jig, PFFT: 3-4/12
Fuselage Tubes, Balsa, Two Ply, PFFT: 5-6/06
Future Floor Wax Finish on Tissue, PFFT: 11-12/08


Gap Filling Material, PFFT: 5-6/04
Gaskets, Using RTV, PFFT: 11-12/10
German Markings, WWI 11/13
Gizmo Geezer Mod for Large Motors, PFFT: 2011
Gizmo Geezer Front End Thoughts, FAC
Glider Bud Kicker, PFFT: 1-2/04
Glider Plan Mk XIII, PFFT: 1-2/04
Glider Theory - Y Tails, PFFT: 2011
Glider, Tip-launch Analysis 5/13
Glider Trimming Aid, PFFT: 1-2/12
Gliders, Discus Launch, PFFT: 9-10/07
Gliders By Buddenbohm, PFFT: 7-8/09
Glow Plug Failure Analysis, PFFT: 9-10/09
Glow Plug Failure, Why?, PFFT: 9-10/05
Glow Plug Problems, PFFT: 7-8/08
Glue Better Than CA, PFFT: 3-4/04
Glue Bottle, Handy, PFFT: 2011
Glue Bottles, Small, Source, PFFT: 1-2/06
Glue Control with Hypodermic Needles 7/13
Glue Shelf Life Codes, PFFT: 7-8/03
Glue, Spreading of, PFFT: 9-10/05
Glue Sticks 5/13
Glue Sticks, Keeping Fresh, PFFT: 2011
Glues, Different Views, PFFT: 3/4/06
Glue Sticks, Purple, More 1/13
Glue Sticks, Purple, Even More 7/13
Gorilla Glue, PFFT: 7-8/04
Gollywock, Original, PFFT: 5-6/08
Gollywock, Wally Simmers, PFFT: 5-6/08
Grams to Ounces Chart, PFFT: 1-2/03
Graphics on a Mac, PFFT
Guillows Kits, Building to Fly, PFFT: 3-4/03
Gurney Flap, PFFT: 9-10/06
Gurney Flaps and Airfoils, PFFT
Gurney Flap History, PFFT: 3-4/07
Gurney Flap In Use, PFFT: 3-4/08
Gussets Made Strong, PFFT: 11-12/08
Gussets, Purposes & Application, PFFT: 9-10/04
Gusset Sander, PFFT: 11-12/07


Hand Launched Glider Airfoils, Part 1, PFFT: 1-2/10
Hand Launched Glider Airfoils, Part 2, PFFT: 11-12/10
Hand Launch Glider and Catapult Launch Glider Tips, PFFT
Hand Launched Glider Finishing, PFFT: 5-6/07
Hand Launched Glider Tips, PFFT
Hand Launched Glider, Whistler, PFFT: 7-8/03
Hand Launched Gliders, Random Notes, PFFT: 1-2/02
Hand Launched Gliders, Trimming, PFFT: 1-2/02
Harbor Freight, Freeflight, PFFT: 5-6/03
Harbor Freight Models, Comments, PFFT: 11-12/03
Harbor Freight Model Power Systems, PFFT: 3-4/04
Hi-Start Glider Techniques, PFFT
Hi-Start Revisited, PFFT: 3-4/05
High Wing vs. Low Wing Performance, PFFT
Hook Knotting Solution, PFFT: 5-6/02
Hook-up Wire, Small Gauge, PFFT: 1-2/05


Ideas, Clever, PFFT: 5-612
Ignition Coil, Test of New One, PFFT: 11-12/07
Ignition Engine Coils 3/13
Ignition Hi-Tension Emergency, PFFT: 1-2/06
Ignition Problem Rarely Mentioned, PFFT: 11-12/12
Ignition Resistors and Coils, PFFT: 1/07
Ignition Systems by Riese, PFFT: 9-10/06
Ignition Systems, More, PFFT: 9-10/07
Incidence Adjusting Made Easy, PFFT: 7/8/05
Incidence Angles for Scratch Builders, PFFT: 2/06
Incidence Angles for Wing & Stab, PFFT: 3-4/12
Incidence, Getting Suckered On, PFFT: 3/4/06
Incidence Pointer, Making, PFFT: 7-8/02
India Ink for Coloring, PFFT: 2011
Indoor Film Covering, PFFT: 2011
Indoor Model Construction, MMM
Indoor Peanut Models, PFFT
Indoor Prop Carving 3/13
Indoor Props, PFFT
Indoor Rubber Motor Winding 3/13
Indoor Rubber Problems 1/13
Indoor Thrust Line Adjustment, PFFT: 3-4/08
Indoor Torque Meter, PFFT
Indoor Torque Meter by Cezar Banks, El Torbellino, San Diego Orbiteers, 5/13
Indoor Trimming, PFFT: 2011
Indoor Wing Covering, PFFT: 7-8/08
Ink Coloring by Isermann, PFFT: 2011
Inkjet Printers, PFFT: 2011
Ink, Waterproofing on Tissue, PFFT: 2011
Insignia & Markings, Creating, PFFT: 5-6/07
Insignia Source 7/13
Instrument Panel, Realistic, PFFT: 2011


Japanese Tissue for Power Models, PFFT: 3-4/04
Jet Cat Gliders, by Farrell, PFFT: 9-10/12
Jet Cat Gliders, by Morton 3/13
Jet Cat Gliders, by Nassise, PFFT: 1-2/12
Jet Cat Gliders, by Nippert, PFFT
Jet Cat Gliders, by Weber 1/13
Jet Cat Gliders, Attaching Wings, PFFT
Jet Cat Gliders, Indoor, FAC
Jimmy Allen Characteristics, PFFT: 5-6/02
Jimmy Allen History & List, PFFT: 7-8/03
Jimmy Allen Skokie, Don Ross Comments, PFFT: 3-4/03


Korda Towline Glider Plan, PFFT: 9-10/03
Korda Towling Glider Rudder, PFFT: 9-10/03
Krylon Crystal Clear Instead of Dope, PFFT: 5-6/02


Laminated Surface Outlines, PFFT: 11-12/07
Laminating Outlines, PFFT: 1-2/06
Lamination Strips, Making Easily, PFFT: 5-6/05
Landing Gear Attachment, Another, PFFT: 1-2/05
Landing Gear, Attach with Magnets, PFFT: 5-6/04
Landing Gear Bending, PFFT: 11-12/08
Landing Gear Bending, More, PFFT: 9-10/12
Landing Gear, Covering, PFFT: 5-6/09
Landing Gear, Crash Proof, PFFT: 5/-609
Landing Gear, Finding True Length, PFFT: 1-2/05
Landing Gear Hints by Isaacks, PFFT: 11-12/06
Landing Gear Ideas, PFFT: 2011
Landing Gear, Dual Strut, PFFT: 2/07
Landing Gear, Removable by Kothe, PFFT: 1-2/03
Landing Gear, Shock Absorbing, Detachable, PFFT
Lateral Stability, PFFT: 2/07
Launch Speed, PFFT: 1/07
Lazer Parts, Cleaning, PFFT: 1-2/12
Leading Edge Sanding, PFFT: 5-6/06
Leading/Trailing Edges, Sanding, PFFT: 1-2/05
Leading Edge Sander, PFFT: 11-12/07
Leading Edge Shapes, PFFT: 11-12/07
Lettering, Small, on Tissue, PFFT: 3-4/07
Lettering, Small, Thoughts on, PFFT: 7-8/07
Lettering, Vinyl, PFFT: 7-8/10
Lidgard Tips, PFFT: 1-2/10
Lift Article, PFFT: 1-2/08
Lift Efficiency, Biplane & Triplane, PFFT: 1/07
Lift Production, PFFT
Lifting Stab Myth, PFFT: 3-4/10
Lines, Drawing on Dark Tissue, PFFT: 7-8/07
Lithium Battery Capacity Loss, PFFT: 1/07
Locator Transmitter Tubes, PFFT: 2011
Locktite Info, PFFT: 2011
Longeron Tight Curves, FAC: 1/14
Longitudinal Stability, PFFT: 2/07
Low Wing Attachment/ Magnets, PFFT: 11-12/04
Low Wing Flying, PFFT: 1-2/06
Low Wing Models, Flying, PFFT: 9-10/08
Lube, Rationale, PFFT: 7-8/10
Lube Oil For Gas Engines, PFFT


Magnetic Building Board, PFFT: 5-6/05
Magnetic Building Boards, More, PFFT: 7-8/07
Magnets for Building Boards, PFFT: 3-4/08
Magnets, Powerful,Light,Cheap, PFFT: 3-4/04
Markings For Your Model, PFFT: 3/4/06
Markings, Civil Aircraft, Early, PFFT: 1-2/12
Masking From the Pantry, PFFT: 3-4/10
Masking Tape Tips, PFFT: 11-12/03
Masking Tape, More Sources, PFFT: 7-8/04
Masking Tape, Non-Bleeding, PFFT: 11-12/12
Masking Tape, Non-bleeding, More 1/13
Masking with Glad PressNSeal, PFFT: 7-8/07
Mass Launch Advice, PFFT: 9-10/12
Mass Launch Tips, PFFT: 9-10/12
McCoy Backward Needle Valves, PFFT: 11-12/05
Me109 Article by Henn, PFFT: 11-12/12
Mid-Wing Detachment, PFFT: 7-8/06
Mid-Wing Attachment, More, PFFT: 3-4/10
Model Box, Building in 20 Min., PFFT: 5-6/06
Model Box From UPS, PFFT: 7-8/06
Model Boxes, Using Foam, PFFT: 9-10/05
MoffettTrophy History, PFFT: 7-8/03
Molding Balsa with Ace Bandages, PFFT: 5-6/02
Molding With Carbon Veil, PFFT: 7-8/09
Monofilament, Tying a Loop, PFFT: 9-10/06
Motor Knots, Non-Slip, PFFT: 11-12/04
Motor Loading, Easy, PFFT: 1-12/12
Motor Peg Sleeve Source, PFFT: 2/06
Motor, Rotating Rear Peg, PFFT: 3-4/07
Motor Size for New Model, PFFT: 9-10/05
Motor Stuffer, Telescoping, PFFT: 11-12/08
Motor Winding Technique, PFFT: 2011
Motors, Winning With 15%, PFFT: 3-4/09
Mounting a Small Engine, PFFT: 3/4/06
Music Wire Heat-treating 1/13
Mylar, Bubbles Underneath, PFFT: 7-8/08
Mylar Substrate, PFFT: 3-4/08


Needle Valve Extension, PFFT: 11-12/12
Needle Valve, Small Engines, New, PFFT: 9-10/07
Nitrate Dope in Metal Cans, PFFT: 5-6/02
Nitrate Dope, Notes On 5-6/06, PFFT
No-Cal for Beginners, PFFT
No-Cal Missteps, PFFT: 1-2/12
NOS .020 Dilemma, PFFT: 3-4/02
Nose Block 101, PFFT: 1-2/04
Nose Blocks & Buttons, More, PFFT
Nose Block and Cowling, Finishing, PFFT
Nose Block Drilling 3 ratio Right 3 ratio Down, PFFT: 1-2/05
Nose Blocks, by Isermann 11/13
Nose Button, Adjustable 3-4/08, PFFT:
Noseplugs, With Shotgun Shells, PFFT: 7-8/07


OOS Flights, Preventing, PFFT: 5-6/07
O&R Errant Cam Grind, PFFT: 1-2-3/01
O&R Multi Mounting Schemes, PFFT: 7-8/00
O&R Parts Service, PFFT: 5-6/06
O&R Engine Tuning Tip #23, PFFT: 2011
O&R Engine Tuning Tip #24, PFFT: 2011
Ohlsson Repairs, PFFT: 11-12/02
O-Rings For Cox Engines, PFFT: 5-6/06
Oil, Carter on 70W, PFFT: 9-10/02
One Blade Prop, Experiment, PFFT


P-30 Free Wheeling Device, PFFT: 11-12/04
P-30 Wing DT, PFFT: 7-8/12
P-30 Wing DT, More, PFFT: 11-12/12
P-30, John Oldenkamp, Model Builder, 7/77
Pacifiers, Introduction To, PFFT: 5-6/08
Pacifier Systems Design, MMM
Painting With Weird Stuff, PFFT: 3-4/08
Paint Bottle Opening, PFFT: 9-20/20
Paint Jars from Avon, PFFT: 5-6/10
Paint Job Like Sandpaper, PFFT: 2011
Panel Lines, Tools for drawing, PFFT: 9-10/05
Paper Mache Parts, PFFT: 3-4/05
Party Balloon Tank Cautions, PFFT: 1-2/05
Pendleton Fault Plans, PFFT: 5-6/02
Pacifier/Party Balloon Fuel Systems, PFFT: 11-12/06
Pastels, Finishing With, PFFT: 2011
Peck Prop, Cloning, Carl Bakay
Peck Prop, Fixing Out of Track, WHAM
Peck Prop Repitching, PFFT: 7-8/10
Pinless Light Building, PFFT: 11-12/08
Pitch, Yaw, and Roll, NFFS: 1/12
Plans & Magazines from the 1930's, PFFT: 5-6/02
Plans, Scaling with Copier, PFFT: 9-10/05
Plastic Prop Trimming, PFFT: 11-12/08
Plastic Props, Improving, PFFT: 7-8/07
Plastics, Super Glue For, PFFT: 2011
Pliers, Wire Bending, PFFT: 1-2/06
Pliers,Wire Bending , Special, PFFT: , Nason 7-8/07
Plunge Molding by Nassise, PFFT: 2011
Polyspan,Coloring, Another Way, PFFT: 5-6/05
Polyspan Coloring, PFFT: 11-12/04
Polyspan, Coloring, More, PFFT: 5-6/07
Polyspan Information, PFFT: 7-8/02
Polyspan, House of Kolor Paint for, PFFT: 7-8/05
Pop-Off Wing DT Variation, PFFT: 7-8/06
Power Flight, Turn Vs Roll, PFFT: 3-4/10
Power Flight, Turn Vs. Roll, More, PFFT: 7-8/10
Power Model Adjusting Advice, PFFT: 1-2/03
Power Model Cleaning, PFFT: 9-10/03
Power VIT Observations, PFFT: 11-12/04
Prop Balancer, PFFT: 5-6/08
Prop Blade Section, PFFT: 1-2/09
Prop Block, by Don DeLoach, PFFT
Prop Carving, PFFT: 5-6/02
Prop Carving by Geiss 5/13
Prop Carving Satisfaction, by Geiss, PFFT
Prop Carver's Knife, PFFT: 5-6/07
Prop Carving, Block Dimensions, PFFT: 5-6/07
Prop Clutch, Plastic, PFFT: 9-10/07
Prop Design and Carving, MMM
Prop Designer, Boor-Larrabee
Excel Program
Prop, Folding Hinge Drilling, Jim O'Reilly, NFFS
Props For Outdoor Rubber, PFFT
Prop From Plastic Bottle, PFFT: 11-12/09
Prop Design for Beginners, PFFT: 3-4/05
Prop Design, Larrabee, PFFT: 7-8/08
Prop Holder, PFFT: 3-4/07
Prop Hook, Reverse "S", PFFT: 7-8/09
Prop Hook Jig, PFFT: 5-6/09
Prop Hook, New, PFFT: 11-12/08
Prop Hub Setup, PFFT: 3-4/08
Prop Molding Made Easy, PFFT: 11-12/05
Prop, Multibladed, Making, PFFT: 2011
Prop Picker, by John Barker, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Prop Pitch, Picturing, PFFT: 11-12/03
Prop Shaft, the .047, PFFT: 9-10/07
Prop, Bill Henn's Favorite, PFFT: 9-10/07
Prop, Three Blade, PFFT
Prop, Three-blade, Plastic, PFFT
Prop vs Motor Combinations, PFFT: 2011
Propeller Theory, PFFT: 7-8/12
Props, Bill Henn's for Scale, PFFT: 2011
Props, Fiberglassing, PFFT: 2011
Props, From Food Containers, PFFT: 2011
Props, By Isermann, PFFT: 3-4/07
Props,Hypotwisted, PFFT: 1-2/08
Props, Larrabee Planform, PFFT: 11-12/07
Props, Laminated Slat, PFFT: 1-2/09
Prop Thrust, Factors Controlling, PFFT: 1-2/05
Props, Balsa Folding, Carving, PFFT: 9-10/07
Props, Black Art of Carving/Calculating, PFFT: 7/8/05
Props, Black Art of Carving/Pitch, PFFT: — More 9-10/05
Props, How They Work by Zaic, PFFT: 3-4/0
PVA , the "White" Glues, PFFT


Radial Engine Mounts, PFFT: 2/06
Razor Blades, Cheap 11/13
Razor Blades from Disposables, PFFT: 5-6/02
Rear Motor Peg, Taming, PFFT: 5-6/10
Rear Motor Peg Retention, More, PFFT: 11-12/10
Rear Motor Pegs, Rotating, PFFT: 7-8/06
Rear Peg Retention, PFFT: 3-4/04
Rear Peg, Wobbly, More, PFFT: 2011
Retrieval, Calculating Walking Distance, PFFT: 11-12/05
Rib Cutting Template, PFFT: 11-12/02
Ribs, Making Perfect Ones, PFFT: 3-4/03
Ribs, Sliced, Templates for, PFFT: 9-10/05
Rigging, How To, PFFT: 5-6/12
Rocket City Pin Clamps, Making, PFFT: 11-12/04
Rolled Fuselage Alignment 3/13
Root Rib Dihedral Setting 1/13
Round Cowls, Filling in, PFFT: 11-12/05
Round Fuselage Covering, PFFT: 5-6/08
Round Fuselage Tissuing, PFFT: 2011
Round Things, Drilling Holes in, PFFT: 11-12/04
Roundels, WWI, Making, WHAM
Rubber, Finding the End in the Box, FAC: 11/12
Rubber Energy, PFFT: 9-10/02
Rubber Info, Good, PFFT
Rubber Knot, for Lubed Rubber, PFFT
Rubber Knot Positioning, PFFT: 1-2/08
Rubber Lube, PFFT
Rubber Lube, Better, PFFT: 1-2/05
Rubber Lube, Effects 9/13
Rubber Lube, New, PFFT: 3-4/08
Rubber, Lube & Strand Data, PFFT: 3-4/12
Rubber, Lubed, Knot Tying, PFFT: 5-6/12
Rubber Lubricants Compared, PFFT: 9-10/02
Rubber Model, Adjusting, PFFT: 3-4/04
Rubber Models, Basic Building Rules, PFFT: 5-6/03
Rubber Motor Lubes, PFFT: 11-12/03
Rubber Motor, Lubed, Tying, PFFT: 9-10/06
Rubber Motor Length, Estimating, PFFT: 2011
Rubber Motor Size Calculator, PFFT: 7-8/10
Rubber Motor, Spool Fed, PFFT: 3-4/10
Rubber Motor Strands & Lubes, PFFT: 7-8/07
Rubber Motor Stripping, PFFT: 2011
Rubber Motor, Lubed, Tying, More, PFFT: 3/4/07
Rubber Motor,Getting Max, PFFT: 5-6/05
Rubber Motors, Asymmetric, PFFT: 5-6/09
Rubber Motors, Braiding One Loop, PFFT: 7-8/07
Rubber Motors, Braiding, More, PFFT: 1-2-3/01
Rubber Motors, Braiding, PFFT: 3-4/03
Rubber Motors, Braiding for Competition, PFFT: 11-12/10
Rubber Motors, Outdoor Scale 1/13
Rubber Motor, Outdoor Scale, Performance Tips, PFFT
Rubber Motor Size, Estimating, PFFT: 9-10/09
Rubber Motor Size Estimating, 2, PFFT
Rubber Motor Size, Choosing, PFFT: 11-12/06
Rubber Motor Size, Choosing, 2, PFFT
Rubber Motors for Specific Models, PFFT: 7-8/03
Rubber Motors, Short for Flight Trimming, PFFT
Rubber Motors, Storing, PFFT: 3-4/04
Rubber, Stretch vs Torque, PFFT
Rubber Motors, Stretching, PFFT: 3-4/12
Rubber Motors, Stretch Winding, PFFT: 7-8/07
Rubber Motors, Tension Winding, PFFT: 5-6/07
Rubber Motors, Test Winding, PFFT: 9-10/07
Rubber Motors, Very Long, PFFT: 7-8/06
Rubber Motors, Weighing, PFFT: 9-10/08
Rubber Motor, Winding, PFFT
Rubber Motors, With Unequal Cross-Sections, PFFT
Rubber, Case for Single Loops, PFFT: 9-10/04
Rubber, More Energy From Housekeeping, PFFT: 1-2/04
Rubber Scale, Flying, Don DeLoach, PFFT
Rubber Scale Motor Determination, Bob Hodes' Excel Program for , NFFS
Rubber, Super Sport Rubber Comments, PFFT
Rubber Test, Quick, PFFT: 9-10/03
Rubber Testing,by Peter King, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Maximum Torque & Turns,by Peter King, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Rubber, Technical Tips, PFFT: 7-/8/05
Rubber, Winding to Max, PFFT: 7-8/04
Rudder Fairings, PFFT: 3-4/10
Rudder Markings, Military, PFFT: 1-2/05


S-Hooks & O-Rings, PFFT: 5-6/06
S-Hook, Making, PFFT: 5-6/12
Sanding Blocks, Making, PFFT: 9-10/02
Sanding Block, Adjustable, PFFT: 1/07
Sanding Square, PFFT: 5-6/09
Sanding Supplies, PFFT: 3-4/08
Sanding Tool, From Toothbrush, PFFT
Sandpaper Source Recommendation, PFFT: 7-8/09
Saw, Flush Cut, New, PFFT: 9-10/07
Scale Details, PFFT: 9-10/12
Scale Models, Flight Trimming, PFFT: 5-6/03
Scale Rubber Twins, PFFT: 5-6/10
Scale Wheels, Simple, PFFT: 1-2/09
Scale Winder Counter, PFFT: 3-4/04
Scale Winder Counter2, PFFT: 1-2/08
Scale Models, Building Lighter, PFFT
Scale Models, Neglected Areas, PFFT: 9-10/10
Scaling Model Plans, PFFT: 3-4/09
Scaling, Some Effects of, PFFT: 7-8/05
Seaplane Conversion, PFFT: 2011
Senator, A DT For, PFFT: 7-8/06
Senator DT, Mea Culpa, PFFT: 11-12/06
Senator, Mulvihill DT, PFFT: 7-8/06
Sheet Balsa Model Tips, PFFT
Shipping Models, PFFT: 5-6/09
Silk & Dope Technique by Jella, PFFT: 7-8/02
Silk & Tissue Over Mylar, PFFT: 1-2/08
Silly Putty Timer,Cat Glider, PFFT: 3-4/04
Silver Spray Technique, PFFT: 1-2/03
Sliced Ribs, Making, PFFT: 9-10/04
Sliced Ribs, More, PFFT: 7-8/08
Small Rubber Stick, Advantages of, PFFT: 11-12/05
Smarty Fuel Proofing, PFFT: 11-12/04
Solder Flux, Non-Corroding, PFFT: 11-12/05
Soldering Advice, PFFT
Soldering Clinic, PFFT: 5-6/09
Soldering Wire Joints, PFFT: 1-2/09
Spark Plugs, Cleaning, PFFT: 5-6/06
Spark Plugs, Champion, PFFT: 9-10/10
Sparky, Notes on Buildin, PFFT: g 3-4/02
Sparky Prop, Carving, PFFT: 3-4/12
Spars & Longeron Repair, PFFT: 1-2/05
Spars, Aluminum Tube, PFFT: 1-2/03
Spar Strength Calculation - Spreadsheet and Introduction, by Bob Mattes, NFFS 2005 Symposium
Spinners, Chrome, Eye Popping, PFFT: 1-2/12
Spinners Made Easy, PFFT: 5-6/06
Spinner Clutch, PFFT: 9-10/07
Split Blast Tubes, PFFT: 7-8/05
Spray Can Modifications, PFFT: 9-10/05
Spray Can Aid, PFFT: 7-8/12
Spray Gun, Preval Sprayer Substitute, PFFT: 3-4/05
Springs for Button Timers 3/13
Springs, How to Make them, Rex Hinson 9/13
Springs, Making Your Own, PFFT: 5-6/05
Springs, Making Your Own II, PFFT
Spring Winder, Poor Man's, PFFT: 7-8/12
Stab, Adjustable 7/13
Stab Hold Down, PFFT: 1-2/08
Stab Hold-down, Scale Models 3/13
Stab. Leveling, PFFT: 5-6/05
Stab Size Consideration, PFFT: 1-2/06
Stab Size and Stability, PFFT: 9-10/08
Stab Sections for Small Models, PFFT: 9-10/07
Stab Warping Solutions, PFFT: 2011
Stability Article, PFFT: 11-112/05
Stability, Spiral, PFFT: 7-8/12
Stale Glow Fuel, PFFT: 1-2/04
Stalled Electric Motors, Preventing, PFFT: 1-2/05
Starter, Take It Easy With, PFFT: 1-2/06
Starter Boxes & Switches, PFFT: 7-8/04
Stooge Cord, High Visibility, PFFT
Stooge, Pensacola Style, PFFT: 1-2/09
Stringers, Getting Straight, PFFT: 2011
Stringer Notcher, PFFT: 7-8/12
Stripping Balsa, PFFT: 9-10/06
Strut Connections, Strong, PFFT: 2011
Struts, A Different Way, PFFT: 7-8/09
Strut Mounts, Final Assembly, PFFT: 11-12/10
Stuffing Stick Idea, PFFT
Super Glue, The Story of, PFFT: 9-10/04
Symmetrical Airfoils, Notes On, PFFT: 1-2/06


Tail Aerodynamics, PFFT: 3/4/06
Tail Surfaces, Enlarging, PFFT: 11-12/03
Tail Surfaces, Fragile, Covering, PFFT: 2011
Tail Volume Calculation, PFFT: 9-10/12
Tail-Volume Coefficient for Free Flight Models, MMM
Tail Weight, Saving, PFFT: 5-6/12
Tap & Drill Sizes Table, PFFT
Tee Dee Tank Problems, PFFT: 3-4/08
Teflon Thrust Washers, PFFT: 1-2/05
Thermal Detecting, PFFT: 9-10/09
Thermals, Picking, PFFT: 5-6/02
Thermal Detection Diagrams, PFFT: 9-10/07
Thermal Detecting For Gliders, PFFT: 2011
Thermals Described, PFFT: 2011
Thermic 20 Cat Glider Plan, PFFT: 3-4/05
Thrust Adjustment, PFFT: 7-8/08
Thrust Adjustment Device, PFFT: 1-2/08
Thrust Bearing, Blind Nut, PFFT: 2011
Thrust Bearings, Indoor, PFFT: 3-4/00
Thrust Bearing Setup, Solid, PFFT: 1-2/10
Time & Distance Chart, How far downwind did that model fly?, PFFT
Timer for Electric Free Flight, PFFT: 11-12/02
Timers, Cleaning, PFFT: 7-8/06
Timers, Silly Putty, PFFT: ,CatGliders 3-4/04
Timer, Silly Putty 11-12/09, PFFT:
Tips From Jim Bethea, PFFT: 9-10/06
Tissue Applying, PFFT: 1-2/05
Tissue Application, More, PFFT: 9-10/10
Tissue Attachment With UHU Per Tom Hallman, PFFT: 3-4/05
Tissue Attachment With UHU,More, PFFT: 5-6/05
Tissue Covering byGene Wallock, PFFT: 1-2-3/01
Tissue Covering Tips, PFFT: 7-8/03
Tissue Covering Using a Frame, PFFT: 7-8/05
Tissue Covering, Wet, PFFT: 1-2/12
Tissue, Finishing With Fade Proof Color, PFFT: 7-8/09
Tissue Finishes&Weight by Weber, PFFT: 7-8/09
Tissue Glue, Lightening, PFFT: 5-6/09
Tissue Insignia, PFFT: 3-4/08
Tissue Issues, PFFT: 9-10/06
Tissue Letters, Making, PFFT: 9-10/05
Tissue over Mylar, PFFT: 1/07
Tissue Over Mylar Covering, PFFT: 1-2-3/01
Tissue Over Mylar Covering 2, by Carl Geis, SAM: 6/10
Tissue Printing With Ink Jet Printer, PFFT: 3-4/03
Tissue Repair, PFFT: 9-10/08
Tissue Strips, Making Thin, PFFT: 7-8/04
Tissue Shrinkage, PFFT: 9-10/12
Tissue Tips From Hallman, PFFT: 3-4/10
Tissue Trim, Applying, PFFT: 9-10/02
Tissue, Pastel Chalking, PFFT: 3-4/99
Tissue Snipping Tool, PFFT: 3-4/10
Tissue Stripping Off Models, PFFT: 1-2/03
Tissue, Weights Of, PFFT: 1-2/06
Tissue, Why It Shrinks, PFFT: 7-8/07
Torque Meter for Small Models, Herb Kothe, PFFT: 1-2/04
Tracking Transmitter Tube, ETP
Torque Meters, by Herb Kothe PFFT
Torque Meter, Why Use?, PFFT: 11-12/07
Trailing Edge Sanding Technique, PFFT: 5-6/05
Trailing Edge, Don't Fall for Falling, PFFT: 3-4/05
Trailing Edges, Making Decent Looking, PFFT: 1-2/04
Trailing Edges, Finishing and Coloring, PFFT
Trailing Edge Stock, PFFT: 3-4/09
Transistor Ignition Sources, PFFT: 9-10/04
Trim, RR Vs RL, PFFT: 11-12/04
Trimming Advice, Don DeLoach, PFFT
Trimming a Touchy Model, PFFT: 11-12/03
Trimming Triplanes, PFFT: 2011
Trimming by Midkiff, PFFT: 5-6/06
Trimming for Circle, PFFT: 11-12/09
Trimming, More Tips 9/13
Trimming Rubber Models, PFFT: 1-2/06
Trimming Scale Models, PFFT: 11-12/10
Trimming Small Scale Models, PFFT: 2011
Trimming Solutions 3/13
Trimming with Short Motors 7/13
Trimming, The Effects of Speed, PFFT
Tube Bending Made Simple, PFFT: 11-12/05
Tubing for .047 Shafts, Cutting, PFFT: 11-12/07
Turbulators, More On, PFFT: 11-12/04
Turbulators, Thoughts on, PFFT: 5-6/05
Turbulators, PFFT: 11-12/03
Twin Engine Rubber Scale Models, Two Minute, PFFT: 7-8/12


Vacuum Molding, PFFT: 9-10/04
Vertical Tail Considerations, Don DeLoach, PFFT


Wakefields, Talk About, PFFT: 9-10/04
Walston Receiver Caution 9/13
Warp Removal, PFFT: 9-10/12
Warp Removal 2, PFFT
Warp Removal on Field, PFFT: 11-12/10
Warps, Fixing On The Field, PFFT: 3/4/06
Warpin' & Unwarpin', Plan B, PFFT: 7-8/07
Washout Article, PFFT: 7-8/08
Wax Paper, Breaking The Habit, PFFT: 11-12/06
Weather Forecast?, PFFT: 3/4/06
WenMac .049 Engines, PFFT: 1-2/08
What to Build, PFFT: 2/06
Wheels, Balsa, Making, PFFT: 3-4/12
Wheels, Spoked, Making, PFFT
Wheels, Spoked, Making 2, PFFT
Wheels, Vacuum Formed, PFFT: 5-6/08
Wheels, WWI, PFFT: 9-10/09
Wheels, WWI, More, PFFT: 7-8/10
Wheels, Unreal 11-12/12, PFFT:
Winder for Twin Pusher, PFFT: 3-4/99
Winding to Torque 11/13
Windshield Attachment, PFFT: 1-2/10
Windshield Beading, PFFT: 1-2/12
Windshield, Curved, Making, PFFT
Windows, Making, PFFT: 2011
Wing Area, Loading and Flight Duration, PFFT: 5-6/12
Wing Area Calculation, PFFT: 9-10/12
Wing Aspect Ratios & Tapering, PFFT: 2/07
Wing Construction, Building Lighter, PFFT: 5-6/05
Wing Fillets PFFT: 7/13
Wing Fillets, Balsa, PFFT: 5-6/09
Wing Fillets, Easy, PFFT: 1-2/06
Wing Loading Discussion, PFFT: 9-10/09
Wing, Low, Mounting, PFFT: 9-10/12
Wing Mount Technique, PFFT: 11-12/09
Wing Ribs, Laminated 1/13
Wing Ribs, Stronger, PFFT
Wing Spar, Scarf Joints, PFFT: 1/09
Wingtips, Knock-off, PFFT: 3-4/07
Winding Stooge Part, PFFT: 3/4/06
Wings, Building Lightweight,Strong, PFFT: 5-6/03
Wings, Plug In, By Isermann, PFFT: 2011
Wings, Knock-off, PFFT: 9-10/09
Wings, Warp Resistant, PFFT: 2011
Wingtip Stall & Washout, PFFT: 1-2/06
Wingtips, Laminated, More, PFFT: 3-4/10
Wingtips, Tip on Building, PFFT: 9-10/06
Wire Bending - Without Slack , PFFT
Wood Bending, PFFT: 11-12/06
Wood Grain Analysis, PFFT
Wood, Making 1-20", PFFT: 11-12/02
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Plan, PFFT: 11-12/03

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