Printing Plans

How do I get full size prints of the plans in an MODEL CLASSICS issue?

Note which page or pages contain the plan desired.  If you copy the MODEL CLASSICS issue to a CD, DVD or onto a USB Flash Drive you can take it to a local office supply store like Staples or a local copy shop and just tell them to print the selected page at 100%.  The numbers in the upper right corner are the dimensions to the outside of the black border when the plan is printed at 100%.

Many commercial printers, architects, and civil engineering offices also have the ability to print large format sheets. Find your local city engineer or architect and where they get their prints made if they don’t do it themselves. Companies who do this sort of work are usually listed in the phone book under "Reprographics"
A third alternative would be to use what is called “tiling”.  This is when you print out the plan in individual smaller sheets and tape them together.  Most computer printers will do this and you can have them print alignment marks on each sheet if desired.  Be sure you select either 100% or “No Scaling” when you print on your own printer.
If the software you use to view the RCMW issue does not allow tiling, you can use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It is available at  - We have a license to distribute version 10 of the Acrobat Reader.  If you send me an email requesting the Adobe Reader 10 I will forward the link to you.  My email is   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  -  Be sure to mention the Adobe Reader software in your email.
 Our local Staples store will even accept the file over the internet, make the prints and mail them out but you will need to pay for postage.  You can look up your local store at

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