000244 MISS AMERICA 1960 - Reduced Size Old Timer - Joe Wagner.

Cruiser a little sport ship fully flight-tested that will give you real performance as a rubber powered model or with a CO2 motor in the nose. Most modelers agree that the "ideal" model has between 100 and 150 sq. in. of wing area.

002512 CRUISER - Rubber or CO2 FF - Charles Hollinger.

An English Bristol Scout piloted by Lanoe Hawker tackles a German Rumpler Taube observation plane.

End of von Richtofen: A young Canadian flying a Sopwith Camel catches the Red Baron near the ground in his Fokker Triplane DR-I immediately after the German had shot down his last victim.

HUMMINGBIRD 140 by Bob Aberle


 Lets move on to the assembly phase including the joining of the two fuselage sides, the adding of the stab and vertical fin, the firewall and motor mount and the radio system installation.

First flight was easy. As usual, I used the SEFLI club field on the east end of Long Island in the town of Calverton, NY.

003863 HUMMINGBIRD 140 - Micro RC Version of OT FF - Bob Aberle.

003864 JASCO X-18 FLASH - Paul Bradley - Full Size PDF Plan.

The next in our series of monthly back issues of model airplane magazines available for download to subscribers. This month’s choice is the December 1962 issue of Aeromodeller.

Short Stories From Bill Barnes Air Adventurer Magazine SKY BRONC & DEAD RECKONING from the Digitek Books Collection.



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