The domain of Computer Numerical Control or CNC became available to the individual. It was no longer the exclusive territory of commercial manufacturing. Personal computers opened the door to allowing people working at home the use of computer controlled machines to make things.

KLEMM L-33 is a scale FF model by Van Hereford for 1/2A Texaco Scale Duration competition. It was originally published in Flying Models. Nice model though. Let us know if you can find the issue date.


The CRUSADER is a nifty twin-boom US stunter by Charles Mackey that appeared in the March 1960 issue of Flying Models magazine. Don’t see a lot of stunt ships with that layout.

LA LIBELLULE built in 1997 by Yves Drhouin.

LA LIBELLULE, a French towline glider biplane that translates to DRAGONFLY. You’ll see why the name when you see the plan and photos. Circa mid 1940’s


LA LIBELLULE, a French towline glider biplane that translates to DRAGONFLY.

The December 1941 issue of Model Airplane News contained Frank Ehlings PARAGON, a pretty standard appearing free flight model but with slotted wings. His comments on the effects of the slots are interesting.

Frank Ehlings PARAGON

Roy Clough in this model SPEED MADE EASY from the September 1946 issue of Model Airplane News introduces us to rubber powered speed models. I’ll be you younger readers have never see one of these being flown.



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