Struck’s SEA CAT Amphibian Construction Article - From MAN Aug ‘54

This beautiful amphibian by Struck appeared in the August 1954 issue of Model Airplane news and has always been on my own personal "I'd like to build that some day" list. The full size plans included in this issue would be your first step if you feel the same.

MINI-ZILCH Plan - 1/2A Stunter by Saftig - Berkeley Kit.

Builder’s Guide - Fuselages - Bill Winter.

The SMOG HOG design by R.E. Bowen and Howard Bonner appeared originally in the February 1957 issue of Model Airplane News and was a key transitional model between the old escapement operated way of flying R/C and the use of servos. It was a big winner during the mid-1960's and beyond until proportional control came into common usage and "pattern" models became the norm for competition.

 SMOG HOG Plan - Full Size PDF File.

Peerless Kit Plan of the Pretty Aeronca Low Wing - Rubber Scale.

This attractive sport Free Flight model is from the January 1954 issue of Model Airplane News. As Palanek mentions in his text, it should reduce the broken prop problem quite a bit.

How many times have you cancelled plans to fly control line because you couldn't find anyone to help launch the models? Or maybe you enjoy flying by yourself, away from the crowds. Well, end your frustration by building this control line stooge.

Comet SENIOR DIPPER Rubber Powered Model Plan.

SHEIK Team Racer Construction Article - From MAN Jan ‘54.

The Sheik has been developed over a period of several years. This team racer has proven itself in contests as a rugged competitor. It is powered by a McCoy .29 Red Head.

VERY RARE Back Issue MAGAZINE ARCHIVES from the Digitek Books Collection. We had never heard of a Bill Barnes Comic book until just recently. And here for you to download the only issue ever produced, Vol 1, No 1. It is not in the best condition but then there are probably only a few copies left in the world so we take what we can get. If any of you have a better copy please contact the editor and we can arrange to have it digitized and available for everyone.



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