Dave Platt and Beppe Fascione provided us with a copy of Platt’s FIESTA, a nice looking RC ship for aerobatics. Don’t believe it was ever a kit but you can get it here.

Some Interesting Videos.

The RASCAL was a Wakefield design from the 1940’s. Personally I don’t often use the term “pretty” to apply to Wakefields but in this case I make an exception. Try it, you’ll like it.


The Rascal.

Download Frank Zaic’s Model Aeronautic Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 2.

Ken Wilard’s SCHOOLBOY was a Top Flite kit as well as being published in Model Airplane News. Get the plan and construction article.

Ken Wilard’s SCHOOLBOY.

Download Frank Zaic’s Model Aeronautic Encyclopedia Volume 2 of 2.

Those of you who remember Capitol kits know them as being similar to the Comet fifty cent offerings. But they also had a kit called the FLAMINGO, an amphibian with a 72 inch wingspan and gas engine powered.

Laminating Props by Bob Thomson from Model Aircraft (UK) August 1954 Issue.

Download the March 1975 issue of AMERICAN AIRCRAFT MODELER.

The BAC SUPER DRONE was a popular British ultralight from before WWII and quite a few were built.

Large model in this issue is the MG-2, an early competition gas engine powered mode of 114 inch span by Mike Granieri. This was requested by a SAM member. Takes a lot of balsa !!

The late Earl Stahl was well known for his rubber powered scale models but he also did some other types of modeling. One of them is here, an early style U-Control scale version of the CORSAIR fighter plane.

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