003890 DeBolt SONIC CRUISER.

Download DeBolt SONIC CRUISER Assembly Manual.

Compliments of Bill Kuhlman

The Hybrid SNIFFER by Bob Aberle.

The Hybrid SNIFFER

003905 Hybrid SNIFFER

Trouble-shooting for better flights from FLYING MODELS - March 1960 - by Paul Del Gatto.

000890 Jasco FLOATER

Poster - Your Shop Rate Schedule - Get One Free At the Toledo EXPO

001373 HEATH MIDWING Plan - Scale RC by Stuart Warner.

Download - The First Issue of Air Trails - Februay 1937

GEE BEE Article - UC Scale by Paul Del Gatto

000125 GEE BEE

Download - MODEL GLIDER DESIGN by Frank Zaic

ARES by Bill Werwage Air Trails May, 1960

000463 ARES

000284 BLITZ BUGGY Plan - OT Free Flight - July 1949 Air Trails


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