Paul Del Gatto designed ELECTRO MITE, a very early electric powered free flight - Motor timer was by a dethermalizer fuse that burned through a rubber band to break contact - From the December 1960 issue of American Modeler

The TURBO PORTER is a rubber powered scale model of the STOL aircraft that has been called the pickup truck of the air because of its boxy construction and ability to carry a variety of loads - Design by Paul Plecan

Another of Paul Plecans Old Timer designs, this one a redrawn and slightly modified version of the TORNADO originally published in the April 1946 issue of Model Airplane News

Bob Aberle is working on an RC Micro version of SEAWEED, his original .60 powered RC floatplan published in the March 1975 issue of Flying Models - Here and on the next page is the original plan from Flying models - The reduced size version will be in the July issue of RCMW

Our download of a complete back issue for this month is the March 1975 issue of Flying Models which contains the construction article for Aberle's .60 powered SEAWEED, plus lots of other interesting model history from 40 years ago

Flyline Models came out with a kit for this rubber or gas powered scale model of the General Airplane Corporation ARISTOCRAT - Designed by Hurst Bowers with plans by Herb Clukey, it was a popular model in the mid 1970's

And now for something completely different, an asymmetrical Half-A free flight by  O.F.W. Fisher that appeared in the July 1967 issue of American Modeler - Said by the author to be extremely stable, even in windy weather - Wonder how it would work with a miniature RC system and electric power?

Joe wagner, designer of the DAKOTA updated his Veco COMANCHE design to make it useful as a PAA-LOAD model as well as a straight free flighter

Walt Musciano is known for his long series of U-Control scale ships but he also dabbled in some other types - While this is still a U-Controller, it is a biplane speed model from the page of the July 1948 Aeromodeller, the well known British magazine

Do you like to look at back issues of model magazines ? - Here's the place for you then on the next two pages - Try out our collections furnished on rugged and trouble free USB flash drives - A lot better than DVD or CD disks



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